Info Qualification !

Due to the current pandemic situation, we unfortunately have to cancel some qualifying tournaments, as it is currently not possible to plan when the authorities will approve these tournaments.

The following tournament locations and tournaments are affected by the cancellation:

FC Speyer 09 - 28.März/3. u. 4. April - U11/U13/U15
VfB Auerbach - 3. April - U11
SV Weingarten - 3. u. 4. April/11. April - U11/U13/U15
SG Kaarst - 10./11. April - U11/U13
TSF Ditzingen - 10./11. April - U13/U15
JFZ TSG Wieseck - 10. April - U15
1.FC 1906 Erlensee - 10. u. 11. April - U11/U13

FAC Wien (A) - 3. u. 5. April - U11/U15
SV Wienerberg (A) - 5. April - U13
FC Kufstein (A) - 10. April - U11
FC Judenburg (A) - 10.April - U11
FC Gleisdorf 09 (A) - 11.April - U13

Presov (SK) - 24.April - U11

All other planned qualification tournaments that are not listed here are not (yet) affected by the cancellation and will be held today (March 9th, 2021), as well as the implementation of the Cordial Cup Tyrol on Whitsun is still being planned.

If there are further cancellations, we will notify you on time and in good time.

We ask all co-organizers and participants to take note of this!

Already in advance for information: from August and autumn 2021 and spring 2022 we will again be planning qualification tournaments in the run-up to the Cordial Cup 2022 and then hopefully be able to hold them again. We will publish the framework calendar on our homepage at the appropriate time

Berngau, 10. März 2021
Hans Grübler
Cheforganisator Cordial Cup Tirol